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A fantastic inventory of eyeglasses

Stop in today and discover an amazing selection of eyeglasses including many designer and name brand options.

  • Ray-Ban glasses

  • Nike and Coach frames

  • Gucci and Babiators 

  • Bobbi Brown frames

  • Disney and Kate Spade

  • Farragamo frames

  • Carrerra and many more


Designer frames and more

At Dr Specs Optical PC we use state-of-the-art equipment to exam and evaluate your eyeglass needs. Our expert technicians will ensure a perfect fit.


Our inventory of eyeglasses includes options for babies, children and adults. We carry everything from basic frames to top-of-the-line designer options.


Comprehensive eye care

Stop in to see our great selection!


We carry fashionable and stylish eyeglass options at Dr Specs Optical PC. We also offer eyeglass adjustments and repair services.